Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pull it Together

Some days it seems quite the feat to look like you spent more than 30 seconds in front of the mirror getting dressed. I had to walk the dog, the kids needed to get to school, I drank too much last night and didn't get out of bed till I was already late for brunch. Whatever your excuse may be, there is NO excuse for looking like a complete mess when you exit your front door. How do you pull it together?

The simple answer: Buy a scarf!

Scarves are our friends and they turn us from frumpy to fabulous. Dress up jeans and a basic white t-shirt with a colorful scarf in silk or cotton. Heading to the office? Throw on a silk scarf with your basic suit or dress to look polished and professional.

My favorites:

Steal- Renee's silk square scarf $34

Spend- Hermes vintage silk twill scarf $295

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